Consultants community

The telecommunications consultants’ community was founded in 2007. It groups together consultants working in fields related to telecommunications and contact center.

In September 2018, Kinessor acquires the Telecom annual event, the Infotelecom publication as well as the telecommunications consultants’ community making it its mission to bring more visibility and members with varied expertise to the community.

The membership can be individual or corporate and only telecommunications consultants who offer professional services can join.

For members, the consultant community’s targeted objectives are:

  • Exchange experience and expertise during regular meetings;
  • Allow business clients to find expertise unique to their needs;
  • Develop a synergy among members, industry and business clients;
  • Improve members knowledge by advanced training;
  • Coordinate meetings with the industry.

Today, the group has about fifty members in Quebec and Ontario. Click on the list of members to see their profile.


  • Benefit from the strength of a telecommunications expert network;
  • Gain in visibility;
  • Publication of your full profile with photo in the 4 Infotelecom magazines during the year;
  • Complete profile available on the website;
  • Receive discount rates to attend the annual Telecom event;
  • Networking during a happy hour or conferences with other members;
  • Attend a 2-day training away in the fall.

Interested to become a member of the consultant community?

Report du Télécom 2020 | Report of Télécom 2020

Face à la propagation du Covid-19 et désireux d’organiser un événement sécuritaire pour l’ensemble des participants et partenaires, Infotélécom et Kinessor souhaitent informer sa clientèle et ses visiteurs de la décision de reporter l’événement prévu les 22 et 23 avril aux lundi et mardi 21 et 22 septembre 2020. 
N.B. : les deux journées ont été inversées suite au report de l'événement en raison d'une contrainte de salles.

In the face of Covid-19 propagation and eager to organise a security event for all participants and partners, Infotélécom and Kinessor would like to inform his customers and visitors of the following decision to report the event scheduled on April 22 and 23 to September 21 and 22, 2020.

Lire le communiqué complet | Read the press release