Become partner

Over the last few years, many manufacturers and service providers have participated in the Telecom event.

What are the advantages to become partner of the Telecom?

  • Make your company, your products and your services known.
  • Keep an active presence in the telecommunications industry.
  • Find field consultants.
  • Meet customers and who knows… maybe future employees.
  • Enjoy considerable freedom in the way you want to introduce your company, as long as the allocated space is conserved.

If you are a canadian provider of goods or telecommunication services and you are interested to introduce your company in a kiosk, you can contact us at the following address :

Please Note, there are a few places available for the cocktail of the industry edition 2020, act quickly, they are going fast!

Télécom 2019(2)


The Telecom event was created following the increase in popularity of different technologies and at the request of the telecommunications industry. At the time, there were such conferences in Toronto, but none in Quebec nor in French.

The first edition took place in 2004 and since, we notice this annual event growing success. Indeed, our 2019 Telecom event received almost 500 people.

For the 2020 edition, Kinessor continues the work and brings some changes. The 2019 edition was one of transition. In the years to come, we will modernize the Telecom event and its brand image by featuring the technology while increasing the number of participants, exhibitors and attending customers.

Nouvelles dates du Télécom | New of Télécom 

Désireux d’organiser un événement sécuritaire pour l’ensemble des participants et partenaires, Infotélécom et Kinessor souhaitent informer sa clientèle et ses visiteurs que l’événement aura lieu les 27 et 28 avril 2022.

Keen to organize a security event for all participants and partners, Infotélécom and Kinessor wish to inform its customers and visitors of the decision to the event will take place on April 27 and 28, 2022.